Concept Sketch from Engineer

It’s been about two weeks and I have gone back and forth with the Engineer on the concept for the subdivision in Smyrna Tn. Yesterday, I got the concept sketch back from the Engineering firm to review. All looks good, so I sent the sketch to the builder who is beginning working on the infrastructure prices. Engineer said he knows several people at City Hall that we need to go visit. Now, my next step is to go with the Engineer to the planning commission for them to review the sketch before submitting it for the Board to approve.

Contract on House before it goes on MLS

While working on the house we had several people interested in looking at the house. We had two offers come in on the house before we listed it on the MLS. The first offer was a low offer and two days later another offer came in at asking price and the work wasn’t even done yet. This house is built great and better than most homes. The builder did a great job when building this home and the new owners should have many enjoyable years in this home.